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At Still Mind we believe that counselling from a psychologist should be available to those who are not on a high income.

Counselling from a psychologist attracts a medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions in one year. At Still Mind the fee for a full one hour session is $120. Medicare rebates $85 of this ($100 if you have reached the safety net). For this you must go to your GP and ask them to prepare a GP Mental Health Care Plan with a referral to Colin Thompson (or to psychologist, an option which will make your Plan more portable). Point out that I practice cognitive behavioural therapy. If you have any problem with this I can talk to your GP or refer you to one who can prepare such a plan.

People on a health care card are charged $100 (out of pocket expenses of about $15) but you will be bulkbilled if this causes hardship.

If you would like to try the service, to see if Still Mind is for you, then please ask for a $60 first session.

The Australian Psychology Society recommended fee for an hour of counselling is $230. Most psychologists charge around $150.