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Maybe you do not need to come to a counsellor at all! These and other sites soon to be added may be useful.


Jon Kabat-Zinn does a talk on mindfulness which is a bit slow, but features a mindfulness exercise about 25 minutes in.

You can purchase his mindfulness CDs or download my mindfulness exercises!

TheAuthentic Happiness site allows you to measure various aspects of your personality relating to happiness and well being and helps you increase your personal happiness.

The Myers Briggs personality test, helps you to understand your personality type. This test is not the official version but will give you some indication. At Still Mind you can do the full Myers Briggs Test.

Sites and resources which deal with panic and depression and other problems:

Beyond Blue is a national website dedicated to helping you deal with depression and anxiety.

Anxiety resources

Panic Attacks. Melbourne Author Bev Aisbett's Living with IT is a very useful self help book. If you are more cashed up you might consider her IT KIT though I have not personally seen it.

Social anxiety and shyness

Bathroom Anxiety

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