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The Melbourne Mindfulness Centre has a number of mindfulness and relaxation tracks. A CD is available free to clients. Tracks may be downloaded and distributed free. If you pass them to others please include the web address

Mindfulness Exercises

Breath awareness (6 min)

Body Scan (4 min)

Breath awareness (15 min)

Body Scan(16 min)

Minimindfulness Exercise


Equal Breathing, a quick calming technique when your thoughts are racing or out ouf control

Equal Breathing



Two quarter hour relaxation exercises

Head to Toe Relaxation - 17 mins

Tense and Relax 15 mins


Two meditations

Cool Roof Breath 12 mins

Chakra Breathing 5 mins


Relaxation - Initial Instructions


Brief Breathing Relaxations that can be used any time

Breath Counting

Relaxing Sigh


These may help if your mind is racing or you are experiencing a panic attack

Abdominal Breathing

Alternate Breathing


Full Relaxation CD instructions