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Everyday Mindfulness

has many embedded links. They can be accessed here under their chapter. Many of them are MS Word files. (Links to other parts of the book are not included here.)


You can find a discussion of mindfulness by the gentle Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh at




Mindfulness Practice

Adjust your posture back to this comfortable self supporting position at any time during the exercise. (photo link - see page two for information on internet links in this book)



Mindfulness of the Breath

(Audio version available free on the stillmind website)


Also record when you do not do the exercise and note any self critical thoughts which may arise. (Mindfulness record link)


Finally in lengthening the breath we are working to slow things down throughout the body. (Equal breathing web link)


Mindfulness of the breath can be very helpful if you wake up and cannot get back to sleep.


With the body scan (audio link) you visit each part of the body in turn ... (and choose the 15 min or 6min body scan)


With letting go, we arrive at acceptance



How does Mindfulness Work?

Shutting off a thought by, for example, the technique known as thought stopping,


Better just to do a relaxation exercise ... (and click either of the relaxation exercises)



Mindfulness Practice in Daily Life

it can be useful to keep a record of your mindfulness activity.


The technique is explained in the box below (and mini-mindfulness audio link).


I have a program that sounds a Japanese bell approximately hourly



Using Mindfulness in Difficult Situations

Knowing our anger, or any strong emotion, in all its aspects, allows the possibility of transformation and growth. (anger link)


Again Thich Nhat Hanh says it well (video link).


Thich Nhat Hanh writes of transforming feelings in Peace is Every Step.


Kramer’s book is called Insight Dialogue and his website is



Thoughts, Emotions and Body Sensations

  • STOP the thought (Thought stopping is a common cognitive behavioural therapy technique).




Since stress is often associated with tension, you may choose to do a relaxation exercise (audio link) ... (and click either of the relaxation exercises)



Mindful Movement

Thich Nhat Hanh Walking Meditation 6mins


Yuttadhammo Walking meditation 10min


Thich Nhat Hanh has developed a series of mindfulness exercises.


A study combining many other studies on the effect of exercise


You can make the mindfulness clock chime


The following websites have an office work out and more ideas. (Office exercise link 1 Office exercise link 2) Naturally you will be wanting to do all these exercises mindfully.



Deeper Benefits of Mindfulness

They have come up with some intriguing (and apparently infuriating) experiments that challenge the concept of free-will contains a useful directory of resources.


This is currently the end of Everyday Mindfulness, but as an internet book it is constantly updated. Keep a check for the latest version at